Paw-some tips for travelling with pets

July 27, 2020
Paw-some tips for travelling with pets

Did you know that there are more pets in Australia than people? It’s no wonder that when considering a family holiday, the ‘do-I-don’t-I take the pet’ question will be a top priority!

The good news is, thanks to our Aussie affinity for pets, there are plenty of ways to have a pet on holiday a real possibility – and lots of fun. With animal-friendly campgrounds and travel options all over Australia, there are many ways to enjoy a caravan holiday with your furry friends.

We’ve compiled a few hot tips for making the most of your trip below.


Check the regulations

Let’s get the boring bit out of the way first: you can’t go everywhere and anywhere with a pet, so be sure to double check your itinerary before you em-bark (get it…) on the trip.

Most national parks don’t allow pets, but plenty of campgrounds do (particularly if you can keep your dog on a leash). Check how your pet should be strapped into the car per State. Be mindful of beaches and any restrictions there. Remember that your campground hosts can be really helpful here – most will be very familiar with the regulations and can also put you in touch with local sitters if you need to take your pooch off your hands for a day.


Know your dog

Be mindful of what works for your dog. Do they need long walks each day? Do they get car sick? Do they hate water? All these considerations can be built into your itinerary to make the trip more successful. Chopping down lengthy car journeys, making sure your dog is leashed before going near water and getting the daily walk in as a priority will all make sure you’re onto a winning trip.


Pack plenty of… everything

Making sure you have a healthy stash of essentials in the caravan will keep things seamless! Keep a spare leash (and consider having an extra-long one for campgrounds) and plenty of poo bags around ready for emergencies. And if you need a little soother, have a handy stash of pigs’ ears handy to keep them entertained for an hour.

Finally… make sure you have fun and enjoy bringing your pooch along for the ride.