October 27, 2019

Instead of scrolling through classifieds of private sellers online wondering if a van is right for you or your family read on for our top reasons why you should consider buying a van from a licensed dealer over a used product from a private seller.

1. New RV’s offer peace of mind

Buying a new RV means you are buying a quality product that will deliver you peace of mind and security. You should expect industry leading warranty that includes at least a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 5-year structural warranty, a promise that your RV is free from workmanship or material defects. If you’re looking to buy through a private seller you have no guarantee or full history of the van to determine if you will need to spend extra if things do go wrong.


2. Buying from a trusted brand means you get more for less

When you buy from a reputable brand and dealership network you will feel comfort in the fact that the van is ready for adventure without any hidden issues.
Choose a brand with a long standing history, that is Australian made and trusted in their reliability, innovation and experience so you get more features for less. When buying from a private seller you will need to know how well the van has been looked after, such as regular services as per the manufacturer's guidelines. No history of the van comes with significant risk.


3. Get the support you need anytime

Buying a van should come with a support network. Look to buy from a brand with extensive support and expertise. Support should include access to a nationwide network of service agents, dealers, customer care team and roadside support with excellent coverage. Buying from a private seller may negate some of this support and you will need to look at ways to factor this in which may include additional costs and stress.


4. Take the guesswork out of your research

When looking for your perfect RV, try visiting a dealership early on. Dealers have expert knowledge to assist you best. You will find they will listen to your needs and they can match you to a product that suits your lifestyle and budget. This will help you save time as they have a wide range of tested new and used products on hand and a breadth of experience in RV and towing safety. When buying privately, the owner in most cases will have limited knowledge on their van and your needs.


5. Safety and road handling

It is important that you make an informed decision about what you are buying and most importantly the safety measures that the manufacturer carries out when building your dream RV. Look to a company that carries out real world testing against the toughest terrain and obstacles to ensure the build is of high quality and fit for purpose.

You want your new RV to have the latest innovations to ensure the best in safety standards are met. When buying a used van from a private seller you may face outdated technology or lack of safety provisions. Look for a safety electronic stability control that will control swerve and sway and nitrogen filled tyres that keep tyres as cool as possible and help maintain a constant tyre pressure in hotter weather, reducing the risk of blowouts.


6. Make the van yours through personalistion

Having the option to make your new van a true home away from home is important when considering your next purchase. When you choose to buy a new van a dealer will take care of all the optional extras available and décor furnishings which blur the lines between home and away helping you seamlessly make the most of your new leisure lifestyle. When looking to buy used it can be harder to find the options you need. You will most likely forgo the options of selecting your own colours, optional extras and the little touches that go a long way which then take time and money to refurbish and could have been budgeted into buying a new van.


7. What is the real cost of new vs used?

We’ve crunched the numbers and know that when it comes down to buying an RV that budget is a key factor in the decision process. There is a common misconception that buying used is cheaper, when in fact you can buy a new model for the price of a used model; like the Swift Camper Trailer from only $18,690, Jayco Freedom Pop Top from only $25,690, Starcraft Caravan from only $46,490. There is also the new release RM.19-1 Campervan from $79,990 that is at least $20,000 cheaper than it's competitors. For around the same price used models in the market are typically older and listed at a similar price. Just remember if the price of a privately sold used van seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Jayco meet all of the above requirements to ensure you get exceptional value for money and a quality production model.

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Check out these models that are exceptional value for money and compare better than a used model.


JTRAK TR Tent Trailer from $17,495JPod Sport from $18,690


Swift Camper Trailer from $18,690 Freedom Pop Top from $25,690


Starcraft caravan from $46,490 RM 19.1 Campervan from $79,990