Finding the best RV for yourfamily

August 04, 2020
Finding the best RV for your family

A renewed focus on Aussie travel means there are more reasons than ever to jump in your RV and explore everything our great country has to offer. The memories you can build as a family will last a lifetime – so it’s vital you choose the RV which is right for you to make it all happen!


Prioritise as a team

First things first, make a check-list of your must-haves. This will help you narrow down your search and keep the whole family on board. Here are some things to consider:
- Do you want to tow or drive your RV?
- Do you want to have an on-road or off-road adventure?
- Will you want to take bikes or motorbikes with you too?
- Would you like to feel like you’re sleeping indoors or outdoors?
- How many people will you want to fit?

And, it might sound obvious, but consider whether the answers to these are current or might change in the near future! For instance, if you’re looking to expand your family, having space for a baby will be key – as would sleeping more ‘indoors’ than ‘outdoors’. Similarly, if your kids are getting to the age where they’d like to bring a friend on the trip, a towable vehicle will allow for more room in the car.

Use the ‘Find your Jayco’ tab on our website to filter these options once you’ve decided.


Be critical about what you’ll use it for

Sit together and decide exactly what and where you’ll want to use your RV. If you’re looking to have base but hoping to explore your holiday destination and surrounds, then the option to hop in a car without the rest of the “home” element with it will make a big difference. Take a look at our caravan and trailer options – there is an option to suit all budgets.


Do a full viewing

Be sure to chat to your local dealer and book a viewing to have a full guided tour of your options. That way you can discuss all the pros and cons of each model and work through all of your priorities together. Use our locate a dealer tool to find your nearest expert.