December 13, 2019

Struggling to find a Christmas present for the caravan novice that has it all? Jayco Dealer Development Manager Chris Hooper is here to help you out with his top caravan gadgets that will make the perfect Christmas gift for lovers of caravans.

Chris first fell in love with caravanning when he travelled with his Aunty and Uncle when he was a toddler. Since then, Chris has owned nine Jayco caravans and he’s always looking for new tools and gadgets to enhance his regular caravanning adventures.

Here are Chris’s top gifts:


1. Blazaball Fire Ignition Gepro Fire Starter Cage

The simple, easy and time saving function of Blazaball makes it the perfect fire starting accessory and is ideal for lighting barbeques or your traditional campfire. And at under $10, we think these will fly off the shelves!

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2. Navigator Collapsible Bin Buddy

Only a true caravanner knows the importance of having a good bin. And that’s why I can’t recommend highly enough the durability of the Navigator Bin Buddy. It features a large heavy gauge zipper opening with clip in buckles to keep those dreaded blow flies out and trap the smells in. As well as a heavy duty sealed lining for moisture protection, making it easy to clean. Grab handles on each side with a large zip pocket at the front to store spare bin liners – and by the way it takes 82L garbage bags.

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3. Navigator Pantry Wine Buddy

There’s one way for a trip to go sour really fast and that’s finding out that your wine hasn’t made the trip quite as well as your Jayco caravan. To ensure you’re your valuable wine stays intact; try out the Navigator Pantry Wine Buddy. Wrap one around the bottle, and they fit most standard jars as well, and they’ll be safe as your mobile houses. They are also sold in packs of three.

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4. Navigator Caravan Storage Buddy

The Navigator Outdoor Storage Buddy ($89.99) is handy for storing pantry items or anything you regularly use when relaxing out the front of your Jayco caravan. This product is designed to attach to the Navigator Awning Buddy or Kitchen Buddy, keeping camping essentials in a convenient, all-in-one location. It features three handy mesh pockets, a large zip storage compartment that has 10 sectioned shelves and seven large sleeve pockets on the back, and can be used to store shoes, toys or other pantry items.

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5. Kogan UltraFreeze Ice cube maker

Never get caught running to the servo for ice again when you have you’re very own ice cube maker! Kogan’s UltraFreeze Ice Maker produces up to nine pieces of ice every eight minutes, or up to 12kg of ice every 24 hours. You can always rely on it to produce quick ice at a moment’s notice, or put it to work the day before to ensure you’ll have more than enough ice for the day’s festivities. Ice at the ready, why wouldn’t you!

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6. Anything from Tooletries

As caravanners we’re constantly looking for savvy space saving tools, especially when it comes to in the bathroom. That’s where Tooletries comes in. Founded by two guys, Saul and Josh, Tooletries makes shower storage solutions for men's grooming products, organizing the tools men need for their grooming rituals.

They have everything from toothbrush and razor holders, magnetic tiles and hooks and the key to their products is their patent pending silicone grip technology. This allows them to stick to surfaces, including glass, mirror, tiles, fiberglass, metal and marble with no glue, adhesive or annoying suction cups.

Just revolutionary silicone grip technology - style that sticks! And did I mention they are removable, reusable and rust proof? Get shopping!

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